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The approach, called GOC bypass, enriches plant cells with CO2 that would otherwise be lost through a metabolic process called photorespiration. The genetically engineered plants were greener and larger and showed increased photosynthetic efficiency and productivity under field conditions, with particular advantages in bright light. Bioengineering improvement of rice, a staple food crop worldwide, has high practical importance, particularly in light of the need for increased crop productivity due to world population growth and the reduction of cultivable soils.

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Our mission has long included and focused on the worlds of social justice and child welfare. Our "Living Adoption" series educates social workers and aspiring parents alike on what to expect and how to engage the responsibilities of building a family though adoption and foster care. See our pricing options on our company store, or inquire via our Contact Form.

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Plants and some single-celled organisms use photosynthesis to transform water and carbon dioxide into glucose. Light is essential to this energy-generating process. When darkness falls, photosynthesis stops.

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When the last Apollo mission was on its way to the Moon four decades ago, one of the astronauts took a snapshot that is among the most famous in NASA history. But Earth is hardly unique in having water. It is everywhere in the universe; even that dusty neighbor Mars, it is now apparent, was once awash.

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By Debora MacKenzie. A borrowed trick or two could make them far more productive. Take a look around you.

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Harnessing the power of the sun is nothing new. People have had solar-powered calculators and buildings with solar panels for decades. But plants are the real experts: They've been using sunlight as an energy source for billions of years.

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Scientists at Imperial College London have uncovered a previously unknown type of photosynthesis that uses light from the infrared spectrum instead of red light. This unexpected discovery was found among blue-green algae in low-light areas of Yellowstone National Park and coastal Australia. This is textbook changing stuff.

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The power of the sun is so incredible that it could fulfill the world's energy needs in roughly 90 minutes. While plants have mastered photosynthesis, harnessing sunlight into chemical energy, scientists are still trying to decipher its secrets. A new discovery of a light-induced super photobase at Michigan State University, however, is revealing some of photosynthesis' desirable traits. The interdisciplinary team of scientists was able to document the ultrafast dynamics of the super photobase that is 10 million times stronger than anything previously discovered.

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Photosynthesis is the process by which green plants create energy from sunlight. It occurs at the cellular level in the leaves of plants and is the way in which they produce oxygen and carbohydrates. The oxygen is released into the atmosphere, and the carbohydrates, simple sugars, are used by the plant for growth.

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While humans and animals eat plants and other animals as food, plants can make their food using light and a process called photosynthesis. Photosynthesis is the process in which plants make food using carbon dioxide, water, and sunlight. Photosynthesis may be a big word, but it can be broken down into two smaller words: "photo" and "synthesis.


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