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Bedazzled has the TV commercial for the original Creepy Crawlers kit from I posted this inbut it's worth reporting, because it is getting close to Christmas and it was my all-time favorite toy. To make a Creepy Crawler, you squeezed a heat-setting liquid plastic, called Plastigoop, into a metal mold of insects and other vermin.

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Oh, don't wrinkle your nose And here's an added bonus: they last a whole lot longer than flowers or chocolate anyway. But enough with the new-fangled—we're here to talk about the critters.

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As a 7 year old kid in I plugged in the Creepy Crawler Thingmaker oven and melted plastigoop to degree's in cool metal molds all in the unsupervised comfort of my own bedroom! What a great memory I have many Thingmaker sets available for sale on this site. Thanks and Enjoy the site!

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Disappointed in my experience here. The first morning as I was waking up I noticed a cockroach walking on the ceiling right above the bed. I let a staff know in the morning but wasn't offered to speak with a manager nor was I contacted by a manager.

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I have been searching for a sucessful and easy way to clean and coat the molds - this is what I found Krylon makes both a mold protector and cleaner for. Goop begins to cure around F. We often take the temperature higher to make it cure The older Mattel molds are made of some sort of zinc alloy and tend to oxidize easily.

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Vintage Valentines as tokens of True Love or obligatory classroom exchanges, vary from sincere and romantic, to silly and frivolous, to the odd and inexplicable. Scroll down and use the category links on the right side to browse our collection and feel the LUV! Post a Comment.

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Thingmakeralso called Creepy Crawlersis an activity toy made by Mattelbeginning in The toy consists of a series of die-cast metal moulds resembling various bug-like creatures, into which is poured a liquid chemical substance called "Plastigoop", which comes in assorted colours. The Plastigoop is cured by the heat, and when cooled forms semi-solid, rubbery replicas which can be removed from the mould. This omnibus toy combined the new moulds and Plastigoop technology with the existing " Vac-u-form " machine, which molded simple sculptures by heating thin sheets of plastic, then using a vacuum pump to form the softened plastic over hard plastic forms.


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