Food to eat while breast feeding

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Whether you're a new mom or a seasoned parenting pro, breastfeeding often comes with its fair share of questions. Here are answers to some common queries that mothers — new and veteran — may have. Just as when you were pregnant, it's important to eat well while you're breastfeeding, with plenty of wholesome fruits, vegetables, whole grains, protein, and calcium-rich foods.

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The short answer to this question is NO — you do not need to maintain a perfect diet in order to provide quality milk for your baby. A poor diet is more likely to affect the mother than her breastfed baby. Guess what?

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It is very important that moms maintain regular meals when breastfeeding to gain essential nutrients and also to increase breast milk levels, and while not all babies react to the same foods, here are 10 foods to avoid while breastfeeding your baby. Always watch your baby for reactions whenever you eat something that could be questionable, and check with your pediatrician if you have any concerns. Some fish can be high in mercury, which can find its way into your milk supply.

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You know breast milk is the best food for your baby, but what about your own nutrition during breastfeeding? We quizzed a dietitian on what to eat while breastfeeding. These foods, as well as potatoes, pasta and couscous, are also high in starch, an important source of energy.

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You're no longer pregnant, but as a nursing mom, you still want to feast on foods that nourish your baby. Dig in with our primer on the best breastfeeding diet for a happy, healthy little one. You are what you eat—and so is your baby.

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For nine months, you carefully avoided deli meat, hot dogs and unpasteurized cheese and all the other non-pregnancy-friendly foods to keep baby safe and healthy. A well-balanced diet is important to help both you and baby feel your best. While there may not be a strict list of breastfeeding foods to avoid completely, there are a few things you may want to cut back on while nursing to keep your milk production levels up and ensure baby is happy and healthy.

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Back to Your pregnancy and baby guide. You don't need to eat anything special while you're breastfeeding. But it's a good idea for you, just like everyone else, to eat a healthy diet. Small amounts of what you're eating and drinking can pass to your baby through your breast milk.

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Skip to content. Many breastfeeding mothers wonder if the foods they eat will affect their breast milk. Or maybe you wonder if you need to eat special foods to make the right amount of milk or the best quality milk for your baby.

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As the recipient of the Massachusetts Young Dietitian of the Year award, she believes in making healthy eating simple, sustainable, and delicious. Maintaining healthy eating habits while breastfeeding will not only keep you and your baby well nourished, it will also support her developing and lasting taste for healthy foods. However, because a breastfeeding mother is no longer at higher risk for contracting foodborne illnesses, and because your physiology and babies are not nearly as connected as they were when she was in utero, you can now enjoy many of the foods regarded as risky during pregnancy.


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