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Cheney had been challenged by the Gore campaign for inviting a conflict of interest if he owned the options while in office. He was precluded from selling the options, which he was awarded for his service as chief executive of the Halliburton Company, until at the earliest, and their value by then would have been affected by the company's profits, which are sensitive to the price of oil and United States energy policy. In a brief accompanying statement, Mr.

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Prior to George W. To hear Dick and Colin tell it, every U. Militarily, it ended up that U.

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He has been cited as the most powerful vice president in American history. Cheney was born in Lincoln, Nebraskaand grew up in Casper, Wyoming. He began his political career as an intern for Congressman William A.

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Remember the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq? According to the article, in November Stephen Hadley, then the deputy national security advisor, had a meeting with a Lockheed official named Bruce Jackson, telling him that the U. The result was the Committee for the Liberation of Iraq.

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Hartung and Michelle Ciarrocca October Executive Summary. As the presidential campaign moves into its final days, one industry that has done particularly well during the Bush administration has a strong interest in the outcome: the arms industry.

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The Bush campaign maintains that Mr. Cheney has cut his ties with Halliburton and that the administration has given the company no special treatment. At a community center in Albuquerque on Sept.

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And the Aerospace Industries Association unveiled a new study Tuesday that claimed 2 million jobs could be lost due to the automatic cuts that are scheduled for both the defense and domestic sectors. Defense hawks hope that the flurry of activity will put the issue in the public eye and convince Congress to act. Cheney, who served as Defense secretary under President George H.

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She is the wife of the 46th vice president of the United StatesDick Cheneyand served as the second lady of the United States from to A descendant of Mormon pioneersand with roots in DenmarkSwedenEnglandIrelandand Wales[3] [4] she was raised Presbyterian and became Methodist upon her marriage to Dick Cheney. Cheney received her Bachelor of Arts degree in English literature with highest honors from Colorado College.

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Confirming without further complexes his determinedly conservative choices, Cheney has opened up the way to the imperial ambitions of the neo-conservative. Conjugating his public positions with financial responsibilities, he has become the Halliburton General Director, while his wife, Lynne, is the administrator of Lockheed-Martin. Dick Cheney has imposed himself as George W.

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Hoping to stave off a potential political controversy for her husband, Lynne Cheneywife of Republican vice presidential candidate Dick Cheney, has asked to take leaves of absence from the boards of three corporations, including a prominent defense contractor. Lynne Cheney asked officials at the defense firm Lockheed Martin Corp. Earlier this week, she declined to seek election to the board of an oil production company that recently acquired a firm on which she had served as a director. Cheney could not be reached for comment, but the moves appeared to be an effort to pre-empt potential criticism of her ties to the oil and defense industries.