Getting to angry with teen

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Lecturing an upset child or anyone who is upset for that matter is not a 'teachable moment'. There is probably no greater problem facing parents than dealing with angry adolescents and teenagers. Anger and learning to deal with anger is a necessary and important part of growing up.

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Well adjusted kids and adults get angry but can manage their anger when it arises. In contrast, hostility is an attitude of defensiveness and waiting for an attack. Hostility is related to antagonism, animosity, and hatred.

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Tantrums, defiance, moodiness, intense emotions, impulsive and reckless conduct. Sometimes it may be hard to believe, but no, your teenager is not an alien being from a distant planet. Your teen may be taller than you and seem mature in some respects, but often they are simply unable to think things through on an adult level.

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Show less Being a teenager isn't easy. There are pressures of school, work, family, peers, hormones, and many other things. As a result, this can be a very frustrating time of life: you may feel oppressed by the authority of your parents, you may feel like you don't get to make any choices for yourself, you may have had frustrating experiences with dating or in your friendships, you may have an uncertain future e.

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In the middle of that stress, enter our child, who has lost her sneaker, suddenly remembered she needs a new notebook for school today, is teasing her little brother, or is downright belligerent. And we snap. But no matter how aggravating we find our child's behavior, that behavior doesn't cause our angry response.

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I had a run in with my teenage daughter over the weekend. She was being a stubborn teenager—and maddeningly defiant—and I handled it horribly. For some parents, bold defiance evokes a quick and harsh reaction, maybe even rage, followed by escalating threats.

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Teenagers are busy trying to make sense of the physical changes happening to them, as well the changes in their emotions and sometimes moodiness, sexual attraction or a desire to be in control can make them angry. Just like other emotions, anger is perfectly natural and it is neither right or wrong to feel angry. But how our anger manifests itself can be hurtful, scary and destructive.

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Teen anger takes many forms. It may be expressed as indignation and resentment, or rage and fury. Some teens may repress their anger and withdraw; others may be more defiant and destroy property.

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Everyone gets angry at times—children and adults alike. Anger is an emotion that can range from slightly irritated, to moderately angry, to full-blown rage. And it can happen quickly.

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Verified by Psychology Today. Surviving Your Child's Adolescence. Adolescence can be maddening on both sides of the relationship. First consider why anyone gets angry at all.