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Sign in Register. News Guardian. Comment Sex in the city The clampdown on prostitutes advertising in phone boxes is driving them out on to the streets Jenn Clamen Tuesday 9 July The Guardian Sex sells - and judging by the proliferation of sexual images we rub up against every day without batting an eyelid, on billboards, in magazines and in movies, we don't have a problem with that.

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T wo stories about prostitution landed this week and, despite the giggles and the pouting, a solution feels remote. The first was the dancing nuns who wriggled, inevitably, in front of Silvio Berlusconi for, if they were particularly hot nuns in that raddled old sex addict's eyes, piles of euros. The punchline is — guess what?

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You can also read the full report here. Twenty-five per. Sixteen per cent stated that they would rape a woman if they could be assured that they would not be caught.

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G upta's play, which opened this week, is set in the beach resort of Negril, in Jamaica. It was inspired by a piece I wrote for this newspaper three years ago. There I witnessed desperately poor young men, with no prospects of leaving the island, "romancing" middle-aged white women seeking sex, excitement and flattery. The women said they were not buying sex, just "helping out financially"; the beach boys that they were just giving the women "a good time".

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The unsolved case was the fruit of a lengthy search by Pascall and his production team for the ideal killing. It should have killed the genre stone deadbut no such luck. For producers looking to score a Serial-sized hit, there is little more irresistible than the discovery of dust-smothered case files yielding tales of corrupt cops, compromised witnesses and lashings of lady corpses.

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Open letter to rabble. Never met one! What is liberation?

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Decriminalising all aspects of prostitution — including brothel-owning and sex-buying — will, according to this argument, make life safer for these women, and also make it easier to root out abuse. Decriminalising the selling of sex — so that only buyers are breaking the law — means prostitutes themselves are not penalised. But even where only the buying of sex is a criminal offence, it is argued, prostituted women are forced to take risks.

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P orn is not illegal. Please write this down on a sticky note and put it on your fridge at some point before 15 July this year, when the UK government will begin blocking porn sites. Not keen on having to register personal details to watch porn?

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R ight now, a global push is under way for governments to not only tolerate but actively enable the sex trade. This is no mundane policy prescription. The stakes are immense.

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Culture Film. Extract from Bound and Gagged, published by Profile. Copyright Alan Travis


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