Vintage hollowbody elecrtic guitar

Awesome customer service and secure checkout are always included with your Semi-Hollowbody purchase. Here you will find all of the used and vintage guitars for sale online at The Music Zoo! Aside from being easier on the wallet, there's often just something special about a used or vintage guitar.

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Until now… Epiphone, the leader in affordable professional archtop guitars, reinvents the archtop…. The Wildkat now takes its place among our all-time great designs. Classic jazz guitar tone is traditionally achieved through hollow body, semi acoustic guitars.

This unique silver and gold HM was designed for those who enjoy the finer things in life. The semi-solid construction features a solid genuine mahogany rim that has been careful routed out leaving a thick rim and solid center block that provides impeccable sustain without all of the extra weight. Multiple black and white binding, a rich ebony fretboard, gold hardware, and mother of pearl inlays in the headstock and fretboard take this special guitar to the next level.

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Our guide will help you find the best hollow and semi-hollow guitars for your needs. They were pumping up the game of music in the s when artist wanted that beefy sound. Without any additional amplification, these guitars performed big on stage which made them appealing to many players.

It was Les Paul who approached Gibson with the idea of introducing a new line of instruments carrying all the tone and natural resonance of a hollowbody, without being prone to the feedback that often plundered those dialing in more volume - and by proxy back then, gain. The guitar brand rejected his proposal, opting to focus on the game-changing carved-top solid bodies that built their names instead - until the formal introduction of the ES inthat is. Read more: Kauer Starliner Express.

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The AF is the most traditional of the Artcore series. The traditional full-hollow construction means there are no sound blocks in the body. Producing rich and complex tones, the AF is the guitar for the purist in all of us.

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A semi-acoustic guitar or hollow-body electric is a type of electric guitar that originates from the s. It has both a sound box and one or more electric pickups. This is not the same as an acoustic-electric guitarwhich is an acoustic guitar with the addition of pickups or other means of amplification, added by either the manufacturer or the player.

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