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Age-Net is very knowledgable about all things dogs, including the steps to successfully breed the animal. If you're thinking about mating or breeding dogs, be sure to do plenty of research. Taking on a litter is a huge responsibility, and you want to ensure that your dogs are healthy and well-cared for throughout the process.

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Body modification has been happening for centuries and is a form of self-expression. The reasoning behind why people are motivated to make such changes may include personal taste, enhance the look of the body and the marking of important milestones within your life. In spite of their rich history, changes going from something as little as ear piercings to the inking of skin through tattoos, getting branded and scarification.

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Normal penile discharge is clear. When you notice pus like or bloody discharge, and the penile area becomes inflamed, this is a cause for alarm. Many things can cause this inflammation, such as bites, injuries, infections and foreign bodies trapped inside the foreskin.

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When dog owners toss their canine companions a bully stick to chew on, they might not be aware that the popular treat could be packed with calories and contaminated with bacteria, researchers say. And pet owners might not even know that the stick is made from an uncooked, dried bull penis. In a small study, researchers examined a sample of 26 bully sticks, also known as pizzle sticks, manufactured in the United States and Canada. They found that the treats contained 9 to 22 calories per inch.

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Your email:. This lack of knowledge, besides being potentially embarrassing for the unsuspecting pet parent can have other consequences. First, bully sticks are a raw treat and as such they can have bacteria on them.

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We kind of hate to tell you this, but you know the bully sticks your dog is always chewing on? They're bull penises. Yep, those popular dog treats, frequently sold loose in bins in pet stores across the country, consist of a male bovine's raw, dried private parts.

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Animaux Chiens. What is the average size of a dog's penis? How big is a Queensland Heeler penis?

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One practice that fascinates me is the extreme body modifications — they push the boundaries of what aesthetics are acceptable in society, and sometimes even what is acceptable for human beings. As body modification has become more popular, and even mainstream, tattoos and piercings no longer challenge our norms the way they used to in past decades. Plastic surgery has risen out of the secretive shadows and become something to aspire to publicly.

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This list of dog diseases is a selection of diseases and other conditions found in the dog. Some of these diseases are unique to dogs or closely related species, while others are found in other animals, including humans. Not all of the articles listed here contain information specific to dogs.

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There are some obvious and some not-so-obvious physical differences between the male and the female Golden Retriever. In this section of the blog post, we will go through them in detail. Height and Weight While male and female Golden Retrievers sure do look the same, you can see a subtle difference in their built in terms of height and weight. Take a look:.


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